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The following is a list of achievements for the game Dream Daddy.

List of achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Achievement Asiago-getter Go on all Hugo dates.
Achievement Bad Dad Slept with Robert on the first night.
Achievement Cannonball Jump off the waterfall too many times and bleed out
Achievement Catch of the day Earn a match fishing score of 2000
Achievement Dreamiest Daddy Go on every date with every dad.
Achievement Escape From Margarita Zone Complete the secret ending
Achievement Interview With the Vampire Go on all Damien dates.
Achievement Keg-Stand Champion Go on all Craig dates.
Achievement King of Carrot Flowers Go on all Mat dates.
Achievement Knife Dad Go on all Robert dates.
Achievement Let Amanda Say (CENSORED) Give Amanda permission to swear.
Achievement Margarita Zone Go on all Joseph dates.
Achievement Panic! at the Disco Dance without warming up, ultimately ending in your death.
Achievement Save Ferris Fall to your death all due to the folly of pride.
Achievement Soft Boy Go on all Brian dates.
Achievement Welcome to the Neighborhood! Successfully complete chapter one.
Achievement World's Best Dad Get good Amanda ending.
Achievement World's Okayest Dad Get bad Amanda ending.
Achievement Yo Ho Ho Ho Earn 18 hole-in-ones at pirate mini golf.