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This page is for the dialogue for all the scenes with Amanda. These scenes do not belong to any specific romance route. Depending on some of your decisions, the relationship between the player character and Amanda can change during the game.

Intro[ | ]

Before moving[ | ]

Avatar: zzzzz... zzzzzz...


Amanda: Dad.

Avatar: zzzzzzzzzzz...

Amanda: DAD! Wake up!

[The following three dialogue options are part of one dialogue tree]

[Wake up.]

This option does nothing.

[Pretend to be  dead.]

I let my tongue roll out of my mouth and stop breathing.

Amanda shakes me.

Amanda: Come on Dad, this hasn't worked on me since I was six.

Avatar: I'm sorry Amanda, this is the end for me.

Amanda: Dad I swear to god...

Avatar: Amanda, I bequeath to you all of my earthly possessions. Spread my ashes over my recliner.

Amanda: Okay well your corpse better get into the moving van, because it's leaving soon.

[Five more minutes...]

Amanda: You said that five minutes ago.

Amanda: And also ten minutes ago.

[No matter which option you chose, the dialogue branch leads here.]

I finally open my eyes and sit up. I'm lying in the middle of the living room, spooning a moving box. I yawn and stretch.

Avatar: Morning, Manda Panda.

Amanda: Yikes, Dad breath. Go brush your teeth.

[Cut to BUILD THAT DAD! Right after, the scene continues.]

Amanda: Did you fall asleep packing?

Avatar: I got most of it done, I think.

Searching around the room, it looks like I did a pretty good job. Every box is sealed except for one.

Avatar: Wait, straggler.

Amanda: What's in it?

Looking into the box, I see a bunch of old photos in little photo albums.

Amanda: I haven't seen these in years...

I pull out one of the dusty albums from the top of the pile and we begin looking through it.

Amanda: That's the coolest baby I've ever seen.

[The following two dialogue options will only determine the gender of Amanda's other parent.]

[The only way your father and I...]

[The only way your mother and I...]

Avatar: The only way your father and I could get you to stop crying was to put the sunglasses on you.

Avatar: But whenever we tried to take them off, you'd start crying again.

Avatar: You spent the first two years of your life with sunglasses on.

Amanda: Nice.

Avatar: Halloween when you were maybe four?

Amanda: Oh my god that dragon costume.

Avatar: You couldn't decide between being a princess or a dragon, so you went with both. Princess Dragon.

Amanda: Why do I remeber crying in that dragon costume?

Avatar: You saw yourself in the mirror and realized you were afraid of dragons. Seeing yourself inside the dragon's mouth was a realization of your greatest fear, I think.

Amanda: Right. Yup. Definitely repressed that memory.

Avatar: And THIS was you in your horse phase.

Amanda: Daaaaad...

Avatar: I believe you named that plush horse "Sir Horsington the Brave"

Amanda: I don't think that was his-

Amanda lunges for the photo, but I quickly snatch it away and hold above her head with my superior Dad arms.

Avatar: Nice try, but this is important blackmail for later down the road.

Amanda: Go ahead and try me, I've seen pictures of you in your Ska band.

Avatar: Ouch,kid.

Avatar: The Skammunist Manifesto had a chance back in the day.

I look off into the distance and reminisce about that rad horn section.

Avatar: Hey, it's Emma P.!

Amanda: No, Dad, that's Emma R.! I didn't meet Emma P. until high school.

Avatar: Honey I promise you, wholeheartedly, that I will never stop mixing those two up.

Amanda: Dad, Emma R.'s been my best friend since I was seven. Give it like a little bit of effort.

Avatar: Oh right! Emma P. was the one who...

[The following three dialogue options are part of one dialogue tree]

[Tried to steal people's pets]

Amanda: No Dad, that was Emma S.

Amanda: She moved to Kentucky three yeas ago. I miss her.

Amanda: I also miss my hamster.

Avatar: Sir Hammington the Brave.

[Fired a flaming tennis ball at the police station.]

Avatar: Lighter fluid, tennis ball, tennis racket. Right?

Amanda: Dad, that was you.

Avatar: Oh right, I was a wild child.

Amanda: I was six when you did it.

Avatar: Okay, Amanda. I wasn't aiming for the police station. It just happened that there was a police station in the vicinity of where I wanted to hit a flaming tennis ball.

Amanda: Yeah, I remember you explaining that to the police.

Avatar: They didn't believe me either.

[Pooped her pants during a sleepover.]

Amanda: Dad, that was me. I did that.

Avatar: Oh. Oh...

Amanda: And I was having a sleepover with Emma R., who isn't Emma P.

Amanda: She never told anyone, though. True Blue, that Emma R.

[No matter which option you chose, the dialogue branch leads here.]

Amanda: Anyway, I gotta show this to Emma R. later. She'll get a kick out of it.

Avatar: The first photography award you ever won!

Amanda: Yeah, and it got us a $20 gift card to McFridayz.

Amanda: And then you got poisoning from the Cheezy Toztada Blastz!

Avatar: I think you mean food poizoning. You know, with a Z?

Amanda: Dad.

Avatar: Still can't drive past McFridayz without gagging.

Amanda: Still proud of you, though.

Amanda reaches deep down into the box and pulls out one last photo.

Neither of us say a word. We stare at the photo for a long moment.

I finally decide to break the silence.

[Two dialogue options. No matter which option you chose, it will lead to the same next dialogue.]

[This was the day you were born.]

[This was the day we adopted you.]

Avatar: It's kind of a funny story.

Avatar: The day we brought you home we got into a car accident. It wasn't anything big, just a little fender bender in the parking lot. But of course I was freaking out. And the little old lady who crashed into us was freaking out. And I didn't know what to do.

Avatar: But your father/mother. Oh man.

Avatar: He/she holds my hand and looks me directly in the eyes - the calmest I've ever seen him/her, he/she says...

Avatar: "It's okay. It's all gonna be okay."

Amanda: ...

Amanda: ...he/she was right, you know.

I stare at the picture for longer. Maybe too long.

I miss him/her.

I can't even imagine what it must be like for Amanda.

She pats me on the back.

Amanda: C'mon Pops, we gotta finish packing. The moving van won't wait forever.

Avatar: You're right.

Into the van[ | ]

Amanda and I pile into the car and take one last look at the old house.

Avatar: So many memories here. Hard to believe your father and I bought this place almost 20 years ago.

Amanda: Hey, remember when I shattered the front window playing catch?

Avatar: You always had very strong arms.

Amanda: Hey remember when I shattered the other front window pretending to be a robot who breaks windows?

Avatar: You were a very imaginative child.

Amanda: Hey, remember when I broke the back window pl-

Avatar: We get it Amanda, you break stuff.

Amanda: And there'll be plenty more stuff for me to break in the new place!

Avatar: Memories to make and stuff to break.

Amanda: You ready?

We sit in silence for a moment. I watched my daughter grow up in this house. It will forever hold a place in my heart, but it strings a little bit to leave it behind.

Avatar: I'm ready.

The moving van begins to pull away and I get the car into position to follow it. I watch out house -our old house- disappear in the rearview mirror.

Amanda: So...

Avatar: So what?

Amanda: So sell me on our cool new pad.

I clear my throat and do my best cheesy announcer voice.

Avatar: Nestled in beautiful, scenic downtown Maple Bay, our new house features...

[The following three dialogue options are part of one dialogue tree]

[Washer and dryer hookups]

Avatar: Honey, have you ever had dirty clothes?

Amanda: For most of my life, yes.

Avatar: Well worry about that no longer, as our new place features machinations that will not only clean your clothes, but dry them directly thereafter.

Amanda: An upper class luxury, I fear.

Avatar: The concept of clean clothes is no longer in the hands of the fat cats upstairs, sweetie.

[A two car garage]

Avatar: That's right! You heard me. A garage big enough for not one, but two whole cars.

Avatar: As well as room for all of my very important Dad tools.

Avatar: And my motorcycle.

Avatar: My sick hog.

Avatar: The ol' steel pony.

Avatar: Dad's lil motor velocipede.

Amanda: Dad.

Avatar: The two-wheeled transportation station.

Amanda: DAD.

Avatar: I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life and to be honest I am afraid of them.

[Multiple places to sleep]

Avatar: Not only are there bedrooms for your sleeping pleasure, but couches and floorspace where you can, yes, catch a wink.

Amanda: What a deal! I mean, if sleep weren't for the weak.

Avatar: You sleep more than anyone I know.

Amanda: I admit my fault, Pops. I keep it real.

[No matter which option you chose, the dialogue branch leads here.]

Avatar: Anyway, it's also smaller than our last house.

Amanda: Cozier, one might argue.

Avatar: Good spin.

Amanda: I think it's great! Won't we be closer to a lot of cool stuff that we can walk on? So I don't have to...waste gas? And I mean, trying to park downtown is...you know...

Avatar: Amanda, you know you're gonna have to learn how to parallel park at some point, right?

Amanda: Not gonna happen, Pops.

Avatar: I think someone needs to do a three-point turn on their attitude.

Amanda: I don't know how to do that either.

Amanda: Have you met the neighbors yet?

Avatar: Not yet, but the neighborhood seems pretty quiet.

Amanda: So you won't have to chase any rowdy teens off your lawn?

Avatar: You are the very teen you mock when you say that, honey.

Amanda: I'm in my last year of high school. I'm practically dust.

Avatar: Yeah, you're a real...

Amanda: Don't you dare.

Avatar: ...senior...

Amanda:Dad I know where this is going.

Avatar: ...citizen.

Amanda: I'm just gonna ignore that.

Amanda: But I won't forget it.

Amanda: So what's item number one on the New House agenda?

Avatar: Well first we'll need to forge a path through the solid wall of boxes that's blocking the living room. I still have to install the washer and dryer, we need to go grocery shopping...

Amanda: Pops, cool your jets. You have promise me that we're gonna take a break and explore the neighborhood.

Avatar: Okay, okay, you're right. We'll get work done and then check the area out.

New house[ | ]

We pull up to the new house and step outside. The lawn is freshly mown and the 'FOR SALE' sign is still in the yard.

Amanda: HI-YAH!

...And with a swift kick from Amanda, the 'FOR SALE' sign is no more.

Avatar: Nice form, sweet pea.


I'm so proud.

Amanda: Man, all that karate chopping tuckered me out. I could really go for a sandwich.

Amanda: An ice cream sandwich.

Avatar: Sweetie...it's 10 a.m.

[The following three dialogue options are part of one dialogue tree. Each one leads to a different scene.]

[We need to unpack first]

Avatar: As much as I would also like to enjoy a delicious and healthy ice cream sando right about now...we got work to do, kiddo.

Avatar: And we need to make it snappy because there are five sealed crates of DVD box-sets blocking off the bathroom and I gotta pee real bad.

Amanda: Well, don't let the entire cast of all 13 seasons of Shark Tank But With Actual Sharks stand in your way. Let's get to it.

- This option leads to Introduced to Joseph - A doorbell -

[I need some coffee ASAP]

Avatar: I gotta get my hands on a nice hot cup of the ol' bean juice or I'm gonna be useless all day.

Amanda: I think we passed a coffee shop on the way here. Maybe we could check that out.

Avatar: Let's do it!

- This option leads to Introduced to Mat - At the Coffee Spoon -

[Did you even see all the dogs in the park nearby?]

Amanda: You know it. Thank you for moving us to an area where the dog to person ratio is very high.

Avatar: I only want what's best for you.

Amanda: I hope you've prepared for the frequency at which I interrupt conversations to yell "DOG!" to rocket waaaay up.

Avatar: I mean you do that a lot alr-

Amanda: HEY IT'S A DOG!

Avatar: ...

Amanda: Wait, false alarm. It was just a funny shaped rock.

Avatar: If you wanna see real dogs so bad, let's go to that park around the corner.

On the way to the park[ | ]

Amanda and I begin a stroll through the neighborhood. I can't believe how beautiful it is outside. Kids are playing in the street, the flowers are in bloom, and the faint smell of a nearby barbeque drifts through the air.

Avatar: This place is nice.

Amanda: Too nice.

Amanda: I don't trust it.

Avatar: Good eye, honey.

Avatar: You can never be too careful. See that baby in that stroller over there? Government operative.

Amanda: We're onto you, baby.

- This option leads to Introduced to Brian - At the park -

Picking her from school[ | ]

On the car[ | ]


Having dinner[ | ]