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Brag battle

The brag battle is a minigame encountered when first meeting Brian in the park.

Options[ | ]

Option Text HP change Response HP change
Brag "Amanda here just recently won a local photography award." Brian: -10 "Daisy actually just won a state-wide poetry contest." You: -15
"Last week, unprompted, Amanda helped an old woman with her grocery bags." Brian: -20 "Words aren't all Daisy's good at, by the way. Her math is amazing! One time I actually called her to double-check my numbers before I made a cut for a support beam." You: -10
"Uh, Amanda's in all honors classes this semester." Brian: -10 "Oh, really? I'm actually talking to Daisy's teachers about having her skip a grade." You: -20
"A few months back Amanda started volunteering at the homeless shelter in our old neighborhood." Brian: -10 "You don't say! She should talk to Daisy--she actually helped organize a food bank here in Maple Bay." You: -20
"Amanda still uses a film camera." "Wow, most kids her age probably have no idea how! Hell, I'm not sure I know how!"
"Amanda here did great on the SAT! Right, Manda?" Brian: -10 "Daisy sold enough candy bars this year to get the top prize--a canoe!" You: -20
Item - Grade Card You pull a wrinkled copy of Amanda's last grade card out of your back pocket. Brian -25 "You really carry that around everywhere?"
"Daisy just started a weekly chess club at her elementary school computer lab! She's the president too, of course."
You: -5
You: -10
Item - Band-Aid With a flourish you produce a band-aid from your pocket, take a knee, and start to apply it to Amanda's arm. You: -10 "Daisy sold enough candy bars this year to get the top prize--a canoe!" You: -20
Item - Child Art You unfurl your wallet to reveal a tiny copy of a drawing of the cornucopia Amanda did in the first grade. Brian: -10
You: +20
"Did I mention Daisy said her first word at 10 months? 'Daddy'." You: -10
Item - Spelling Bee Photo Fumbling through your phone's browser you manage to pull up a photo of Amanda winning her tenth grade spelling bee. You: -5 "Daisy here has all of her adult teeth! Never had a cavity, either." You: -20
Dhtr Can't switch daughters. Amanda is your only daughter.
Flee Do you really want to flee? "Boy, what are we doing here, putting our kids on competing pedestals? It's been such a treat getting to know you two and that's what matters!"