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Relationship status: Divorced
Spouse: Ashley (former)
Children: Briar
Voice actor: Nathan Sharp

Craig "Fitness Dad" Cahn is one of the date able dads in Dream Daddy. He's an old college friend and one-time roommate with the player. He was working in California and moved his business to Maple Bay.

Craig also appears in the Dream Daddy Comics published by Oni Press.

Likes / Dislikes[ | ]


  • Coaching softball
  • Doing push-ups with his daughters on his back
  • Brunch with a bro


  • Rest days
  • Improper stretching techniques
  • When his twins pretend to be each other

DadBook profile[ | ]

Dad of three, business entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. Juggling work, family, and fitness is a tough gig, but someone's gotta do it!

On a Friday Night you are most likely to....
Get one last, good cardio session in

If you had one thing to take with you onto a desert island, what would it be?
A box of energy bars

What are your turn-ons?
a sub six-minute mile

Shirtless Craig

What did you want to be when you grew up?
beer pong world champion

What's your favourite movie genre?
Buddy cop movies forever

What's your ideal date?
scaling a huge, dangerous mountain for fun

What do you never leave home without?
an extra tube of energy gel

I spend a lot of time thinking about:
My mile time used to be so good. What happened? Have I peaked?

Conversation Options[ | ]

Craig Text[ | ]

  • Go to the gym

You ready to kick some butt?[ | ]

  • Gotta stay posi, dude. - Neutral
  • With your help, I am. - Like
  • H E L P - Dislike

That's a good question, bro. What do you think he's doing?[ | ]

  • Training to crush people's skulls with his thighs. - Love
  • Using a medieval torture device. - Neutral
  • Praying to some sort of Pain God. - Neutral

Ah, I keep busy. What do you do for fun?[ | ]

  • I love learning. - Love
  • I try to live my life as close to a Jimmy Buffett song as possible. - Neutral
  • I check out my hot bod. - Like

First Date[ | ]

Ask about...[ | ]

  • Ask about coaching softball - Like
  • Ask about the business - Like
  • Ask about the kids - Like
  • That's enough for now - Neutral (skips all three questions)

So, the moms can hit on me all they want...[ | ]

  • You're doing a great job - Like
  • The right person will come along eventually - Love
  • Hit softballs, don't get hit on by moms - Neutral

You would be so lucky.[ | ]

  • That was planned - Neutral
  • I mean... - Love
  • Kissing is for the weak - Like

Second Date[ | ]

Playground[ | ]

  • Look for clues
  • Interrogate Joseph
    • Alright, thanks for your help.
    • That sounds a little suspect, Joseph. - Correct
      • No (yes) - Correct
      • Only if you did something wrong.
      • Thank you for your time, citizen.
  • Try to calm River down.
  • Move to another part of the park

The Field[ | ]

  • Mat and Carmensita.
  • Check out those squirrels.
    • The drinking fountain.
    • The log.
    • The tree - Like
  • Look for clues. Find Arnold's leg.
  • Interrogate River
    • Good Cop - Like
    • Bad Cop - Dislike

The Woods[ | ]

  • Look for clues
  • Interrogate Robert
    • Be good cop
    • Be bad cop - Correct
  • Go deeper into the woods
    • Yes - Correct
    • No

The Diner[ | ]

  • Grimy Brunch - Like
    • Carboload - Neutral
    • Treat yo'self - Love
    • I lied
  • Bougie Brunch - Neutral

Third Date[ | ]

Outside[ | ]

  • I got it. - Neutral
  • Don't you dare. - Like
  • Such a gentleman. - Love

But what if there’s a problem[ | ]

  • There won’t be. - Like
  • You’ve trained for this. - Neutral
  • Reception is the least of our worries. - Dislike

Craig immediately begins taking his clothes off[ | ]

  • Look at Craig’s butt - Love
  • Don’t Look at Craig’s butt - Neutral

You coming or what?[ | ]

  • You got it, chief - Neutral
  • Let’s put on a show - Like
  • Who needs pants anyway - Neutral

You’ve awakened the beast[ | ]

  • Squirt water at him with your hands - Neutral
  • Hammerfist - Like
  • Dunk him - Love

Not so scary now, huh?[ | ]

  • I’ll race you to the top - Correct
  • I’ve had enough excitement for today

Wanna go again?[ | ]

  • You know it. - Correct
  • I’m pretty tired

Got one more in you?[ | ]

  • I live for danger - Correct
  • I’m ready to throw in the towel

Alright, I think that’s my limit.[ | ]

  • Are you kidding? I’ve never felt more alive. - This will lead to an extra scenario.
  • You’re right. - Correct

(Extra: If you keep pushing the wrong answers and keep jumping, your avatar will die and you'll get an achievement: "Cannonball") These are the ones you need to select.

  • No I'm here to jump.
  • There is nothing but the waterfall.

Then you return to the first jump and you can't die again.

Give me some moral support.[ | ]

  • You can do it - Neutral
  • Never knew a better Craig! - Like and later dislike
  • Go overboard with compliments. - Love

Do I, though?[ | ]

  • Hell yeah - Like
  • Hell yeah, bro - Love

Date Responses[ | ]

"That was a gold-medal performance for sure!" "Wow, that was an amazing day!"

Related achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Achievement Dreamiest Daddy Go on every date with every dad.
Achievement Keg-Stand Champion Go on all Craig dates.

Trivia[ | ]

  • For Craig’s camping date, the creators watched the movie Brokeback Mountain for inspiration; it didn’t go well as the movie affected them so much emotionally that it took two days before either of them could get back to writing.[1]
  • Throughout your interactions with Craig, he reveals that he and the player made their share of mischief during their college years. Including:
    • Craig smuggling a puppy into their dorm room despite pets not being allowed. He and the player spent the semester making up stories about a mysterious third roommate named Carl and his cough that sounded like a dog’s bark.
    • The player stealing a new fish from a fish tank at a party after Craig’s fish died.
    • Craig backflipping off of a roof and into a pool while shotgunning a beer.
    • Craig and the player escaping a party after the police showed up, but running into them in the parking lot. For half an hour, Craig pretended to be interested in joining the police academy.
  • Craig is a great cook. He also has his own fitness smoothie recipe, which to player’s surprise is delicious.
  • Craig’s college nickname was “Keg-Stand Craig”.

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