Craig Cahn is one of seven dateable dads in Dream Daddy. He loves to exercise and play sports, as well as cook and coach softball. He's the father of three daughters: identical twins named Briar and Hazel and a baby named River.


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Craig was once college roommates with Avatar, and has a lot of memories of crazy things the two had done back then. Craig's former out-of-control college lifestyle earned him the name "Keg-Stand Craig" and Dadsona would reference a few of what the two had done together through dates. Dadsona and Craig eventually stopped communicating with one another, most likely when Amanda was a baby. Despite his indecisiveness and reputation for being irresponsible in the past, Craig became a fitness enthusiast and dedicates his life to working out, his children, and running a business dedicated to selling fitness gear. Dadsona will eventually learn that Craig's a workaholic and barely has time to relax due to his dedication to his children and his business.

Craig eventually got married to Ashley (nicknamed "Smashley"), another old friend of Avatar when he and Craig were in college, and they ended up having their daughters. However, Craig and Ashley eventually got divorced, but were able to part on well-enough to be able to have joint custody of their daughters. Craig also began to coach his twins' softball team after seeing how energetic they are. While he isn't opposed to the idea of being in a relationship, Craig isn't really looking for one, mostly because of his strong focus on his daughters and his busy work schedule. Despite this, many women, especially the mothers of his softball team girls try to flirt with him. His business was initially in California before he relocated to Maple Bay and moved into the cul-de-sac before Dadsona. 


The Craig's route starts when you find him on the street.

Before Date

[Any response]
Go to bed
With your help, I am.
Training to crush people’s skulls with his thighs.
I love learning.

Backyard Barbeque

Talk to Mat, Hugo, and Craig
Talk to Craig
The new place is perfect!

First Date

[Any response]
[Any response]
Ask about coaching softball
Ask about the business
Ask about the kids

Second Date

Ughhhhh (smaller)
Go to the playground
Look for clues
Interrogate Joseph
That sounds a little suspect, Joseph
No (yes)
Try to calm River down
Move to another part of the park
Go to the field.
Mat and Carmensita.
Check out those squirreles.
The tree
Look for clues
Interrogate River
Good Cop
Move to another part of the park
Go to the woods
Look for clues
Interrogate Robert
Be bad cop
Go deeper into the woods
Grimy brunch
Gotta treat yourself.

Third Date

Such a gentleman
There won’t be.
Look at Craig’s butt.
Let’s put on a show.
Dunk him
I’ll race you to the top
You know it.
I live for danger
You’re right.
Go overboard with compliments
Hell yeah, bro


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  • For Craig’s camping date, the creators watched the movie Brokeback Mountain for inspiration; it didn’t go well as the movie affected them so much emotionally that it took two days before either of them could get back to writing.[1]
  • In a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Craig plays the class of warrior.[2]


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