Damien Bloodmarch is one of the dateable dads in Dream Daddy. He is listed as the Goth Dad, due to his love of the Victorian era and Gothic fashion.


Damien has long, black hair. He dresses in Victorian inspired clothing, along with red eyeshadow and purple eye contacts. However, in his work attire, his hair is tied back, and the contacts are replaced by black frame glasses.


Damien is seen to have a very patient and calm demeanor. He enjoys spewing facts about the Victorian era whenever he can. However, he is also insecure that his more normal interests such as I.T makes him a boring person, and feels he has to keep up with his Gothic reputation.


Damien Bloodmarch is one of the Avatar's potential romantic interests. He is outwardly a Victorian-inspired Goth with a sophisticated, posh, and eloquent style of speech. He is the only confirmed canon transgender character in DDADDS.


"I'm not a cool goth prince, I'm boring!"

"The time we have here is brief and fleeting and occasionally cruel, but it is at all times precious."

"But I think it takes a critical mind to to truly appreciate something to the fullest - to be cognisant of its flaws and love it all the same."

"I can sense a romance between us, a chemical romance... that's a band?"



  • He is vegetarian.
  • He has been confirmed to be transgender.[1]
  • He is shown to really love dogs, but is unable to keep one as a pet due to Lucien's allergies.
  • He is terrified of horror movies.
  • In a secret, unpublished ending, he is shown to be in a romantic relationship with Hugo.
  • He is not afraid of death, and believes that being comfortable about its inevitability makes him appreciate life even more.
  • He was originally intended to be a vampire, though this idea was later scrapped.
  • In a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Damien plays the class of a blood mage.[2]


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