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Dover ghost

The Dover Ghost is a quasi-mythical creature that is mentioned by Robert on your second date with him. On your second date Robert tells a story of him going on a camping trip with his "pitbull" Betsy:

"I was out in the woods on a weekend camping trip with Betsy. You dont know Betsy, but she's a big pup. Pitbull. Real intimidating. I feel safe around her. First night goes without incident. I get some solitude. Betsy gets to pee wherever she wants. All good stuff. Second day, I get the idea in my head that I can hike deeper into the woods. Probably against my better judgement, but hey, we're just having a fun camping trip right? So me and Betsy start marching in the morning. It gets a little late and we set up camp, but its different this night. Real quiet. I can't hear the birds, the crickets, squirrels, nothin'. Dead silent. Then it happens, I hear the most unholy growl I've ever heard in my life,right outside my tent. Me and Betsy, we go to investigate. We look around the clearing, nobody's there. But there's this feeling, not sure if I can quite describe it. I know someone--something--is watching us. Betsy, though, shes scared. I know that I should be, too. And then I see it. In the distance. A man but..if something that didn't know what a man looked like made it. It looked...wrong. Big. Arms too long for its body. Black eyes. It just stood there and stared at me. Then, it disappears. I hear one yelp from Betsy and I turn around to check on her. But she's gone. Into thin air. I didn't sleep in my tent that night. And I don't think I've slept right since."

Shortly after the Dadsona accuses Robert of lying and he shows a picture of "Betsy" and claims that on nights such as that night you can hear the howl of the Dover Ghost. Only for both men to be frighten of a unnatural-guttural howl. Both Robert and Dadsona look around and from a far off distance the two men spot something that "looks human, but it's dragging something" not long after, Dadsona and Robert make a quiet escape back to town. Both men, dumbfounded and frightened, can't speculate what they saw. The Dadsona suggest its someone making an illegal dumping on a wildlife preserve. Robert believes that's the story they should just tell themselves.

The Dover Ghost is later mentioned on Robert's 3rd date when Dadsona, Robert, and Mary go on a haunted tour hosted by Quizzmaster Quinn. This story is far less believable than the story Robert told on the previous date, however. The Dover Ghost is also briefly mentioned if you go on the first two dates with Robert and then choose Joseph as your dream daddy, Robert will confront you angrily on your third date with Joseph. When Robert tell's Dadsona that Joseph is a bad guy the Dadsona will tell Robert that he "committed petty larceny last week and think [he's] haunted by the Dover Ghost" which Robert respond it was, in fact, the Dover Ghost they saw on their second date.

Trivia[ | ]

Many fans strongly believe the "Dover Ghost" is in fact Joseph as it is mentioned by him the non-canon "cult-ending."