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During the third date with Craig, if you continue to jump off the waterfall enough times, you will eventually die. On the third date with Brian, you can choose to "be an ass" and throw a punch at Brian. You miss and fall out of the ferris wheel carriage.

Dialogue[ | ]

Cannonball[ | ]

Finally, some peace and quiet so that I can work on my own form.

I scramble up on the rocks again. Man. The adrenaline is wearing off I guess. By the time I get to the top I'm gasping for air.

Here goes nothing.

I take a running start for my biggest jump yet. But as I get to the edge I trip, tumbling off of the cliff and onto the rocks below.

As my broken body slips into the water, I look down to see a pool of red forming around me. I don't have long - just long enough to be alone with my thoughts.

Why, why did I push myself beyond my physical limits? Why did I let the search for adrenaline overrule my sensibilities? Why didn't I use the buddy system?

Goodbye, cruel world. I can see that my chances at love were dashed much the same as my poor body was dashed upon these rocks of this waterfall.

Save Ferris[ | ]

[Dialogue option: Be an ass]

Avatar: I feel like such an ass... for believing that for a second!

Brian: Avatar, are you serious?

[Dialogue option: Throw a punch]

I lunge at Brian with the best right chross I can muster, but I completely miss and flip over the side of the carriage, my fingers barely holding onto the railing. Brian tries to help me up, but it's too late.

I fall.

My last thoughts as my body lays broken and bloody and supine on the floor of the fairgrounds are my daughter.

Who will care for her? What kind of woman will she be? I hope she can be spared the sight of my mangled corpse.

These are things I will never know, all thanks to the folly of pride.

Related achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Achievement Cannonball Jump off the waterfall too many times and bleed out.
Achievement Save Ferris Fall to your death all due to the folly of pride.