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Dad: Hugo

Ernest Hemingway Vega is the son of Hugo. He's a snappy, moody teenager who harbors a severe hatred towards authoritative figures (which has caused a rift between him and his father). However, he also has a softer side to him. He is in eighth grade.


  • During Damien's first date, it is revealed that he stood still for 20 minutes while Lucien built a small brick wall around him in the school basement following the promise of wine.
  • His rapper name (which he spray-painted onto the church pews) is Yung Steinbeck.
  • He is fond of pizza rolls.
  • In Damien's last date Hugo and Ernest will adopt Duchess Cordelia. In the epilogue, it is shown that having a dog helps significantly with his behavioral problems.
  • Nothing is said about Ernest's mother.
  • Hugo has an ex-husband whom Ernest spends weekends with and is referred to by Hugo as "the cool weekend dad".