Ernest Vega is the son of Hugo Vega in Dream Daddy


You first meet Ernest at Amanda's school while signing her up. You also meet him again in Damien's and Hugo's routes. You met him in Damien's route on the first date when he says he has an emergency at the high school and you ask to tag along. When you arrive you are met by Hugo Vega who leads you into a basement where Lucien Bloodmarch is beside Ernest with a bloody nose. It seems as if Lucien was following a concept of the short story Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and "experimented" on Ernest.

On Hugo's route however, after you guys went on the second date and some fun trivia (which you won), he brings you back to a room that is very sacred to him. After a while of showing you around, Ernest comes through the door ranting about pizza rolls and how he got the wrong one according to him. He comes in seeing you in Hugo's "wrestling room" and complains how nobody is allowed to go into this certain room. Hugo later explains that he is not allowed to touch them because he makes them do erotic actions with eachother. He gets flustered and turns away only to come back and call you a "stupid friend".



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