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Cult Leader Joseph

"Hey! We originally put this into the game because we're big horror fanatics but cut it before we released for obvious reasons. But then people found an old version of it buried deep within the game files anyway! We absolutely acknowledge that this ending is conceptually messy, and if the existence of it sullies your experience with the rest of the game, just know that it's totally non-canonical. We made it intentionally impossible to get unless you're actively seeking it out so nobody could stumble onto it by accident. So without any further ado, here's the Cult Ending." -A Note from the Creators

"Escape from Margarita Zone" or better known as "The Cult Ending", is the non-canon ending in Joseph's third date. It was created simply for the entertainment of the creators but was not intended to be in the final release of the game. It was eventually discovered though both rumor and eventually discovered buried in the old game files. Several YouTubers, most notably Canadian YouTuber HoodiePanda, actively sought after the Cult Ending. As a result, the game developers added it back into the game as an easter egg.

The Cult Ending supposedly takes place on Joseph's third and final date after the Dadsona sleeps with Joseph and falls asleep on the yacht only to wake up in a dungeon deep underground. This non-canon ending is the darkest ending in the game and is popular among horror fans.[1]

Prerequisites[2][ | ]

Select the following settings during the Build that Dad:

  • Thick tank bod
  • Oval head
  • Balding hair
  • Wide eyes
  • Roman nose
  • Cheese mouth
  • Wizard brows
  • No facial hair
  • Pilot glasses
  • No piercing
  • Tommy bananas suit
  • Name = "Jimmy Buffett"

Hair color, skin color, and eye color have no impact. You must have dated all dad routes to the end and unlocked all their special photos for it to work. This can be done with any Dadsona design, the achievement is all that is required before Building Jimmy Buffett will work.

If you do all that, and then finish the Build that Dad requirements, creepy music will play while confirming the Dad. A pop-up should appear with a note from the developers. If you want to experience the ending, click "GIVE ME THIS NIGHTMARE" to cut straight to it. The other two options will prevent the ending from occurring.

Story[ | ]

The player finds themselves in a dank and dark dungeon. Chained up and no windows in sight, there seems to be no escape. Joseph comes in, dressed in a priest's outfit and looking very sinister. He confirms the player's fears that they did not have too much to drink, or that it wasn't a dream. "Oh, I guarantee that it is real."

After some arguing and spilled information, Joseph finally tells the Dadsona why he's down there.

"(Insert Name Here), there are powers at work so far beyond your understanding that the very idea that I would sink to some half-baked sex game is a little insulting. All that religion mumbo-jumbo wasn't entirely false. I am a man of cloth, just not the cloth you're thinking of. I am the conduit of something beautiful, (Insert Name Here). Something pure. And you have the honor of being part of it. I know that sounds kinda hokey, but stick with me. I promise I'll get back to being relatably cool in a second. Where you really are is under the house. Or I guess, under the houses.

He goes on to say, "(Insert Name Here), ever wonder where all the wives and husbands in town went? Why everyone's an eligible single father? -- Nothing's a coincidence, idiot. No town in America has such a concentration of eligible, willing Dads. Do you want to know why? -- Because of me. Because of my work. Because of my loyalty." And then, "Maple Bay is a beacon of of unfathomable power, but it requires sacrifice. It needs to feed on those deep, unquenchable pangs of anguish. And all to get these very good friends of ours here, in my town, and my father's tower, and his father before him. Hurting for human touch. Praying for the salvation of kindness. -- Out there, in the dark of the sea, lies something that has been waiting to return for a hundred million years. It has showed the path to Jonah, my ancient ancestor, and it has shown the path to me. And I will fuck each Dad whose life I destroyed until the shame and stink of their failures has returned to the eternal king of life."

After the Dadsona is knocked out again, they wake up to someone covering their mouth: Mary. She unties the player, tells them to run, then disappears. As the player progresses in the cavern, walls either become larger or smaller, corridors expand, and the player even has to crouch to go through.

The Dadsona finally runs into a door, leading to the player's house. They reunite with their daughter Amanda, who offers to cook them breakfast. When the Dadsona reaches for their word jumble, they realize its a crossword. When the Dadsona asks Amanda her birthday, she turns into a demon thing.

Once the player is back in the dungeon, Joseph confronts them. When Joseph brings up Robert, they grab the knife he gave them and lunges for Joseph. He knocks the player's knife away, now attempting to kill them. Before the player blacks out, Joseph lets go with a stab wound in his shoulder. Mary is holding the player's knife. As Mary attempts to help the Dadsona, the children come in and eventually corner Joseph.

After this endeavor, the Dadsona wakes up in their bedroom, Amanda trying to wake them. She explains to the Dadsona that the yacht Joseph and them were on sank, rescue teams pulling them from the water only a few days prior. When the Dadsona asks Amanda where Joseph was, she says: "They found something in the yacht wreckage. Some documents that showed he was embezzling funds from the church. No one has seen him since." This is where the player meets Saul, the detective. Mary explains her shock that Joseph "left" when the feds shows up and explains her children are with her parents in the Midwest "until this all blows over" she then stares at the Dadsona who is confused but unresponsive. She tells the Dadsona "good answer" and Saul explains that he is happy both Mary and the Dadsona has their story straight and Mary leaves Saul with the Dadsona alone. Saul explains that the player should just go on with their life as if none of the events ever happened. Before leaving he tells the Dadsona that his own wife vanished, hinting the cult killed her, and he too is a single father. He then tells the Dadsona if he has free time they could meet up again, hinting a future relationship with Saul.

Dialogue[ | ]

[Finals lines in the cult ending]

[Saul] "You don't know me, but I know a lot about you, [players name]. Been keeping tabs on you for a while."

[Player] Who are you?

[Saul] Graves. Detective Saul Graves. There's strange and mysterious forces at work here in Maple Bay. What you saw down there...what we both saw down there... I don't know if I'll be able to forget it. And I get the feeling that you wont be able to, either. But it's my job to get to the bottom of it."

[Player] But what does this mean for me?

"It means to live your life like none of this ever happened. Go be happy. Go raise your daughter. Go fall in love. Be well [players name]"

Saul walks to the door of my bedroom, but stops. He turns to me.

"And... I know it's hard to raise a kid as a single parent. Even I lost my wife under 'mysterious circumstances.' Barry and I have been on our own for a while now, and if there's one thing I've learned though all of this, it's us Dads have to help each other out. Get some rest. But if you're not doing anything later... maybe you can give me a call."

[After Mary attacks Joseph]

[Mary] It's over Joseph

[Joseph] Honey, sweetie, you... stabbed me.

[Mary] You stole so much of my life from me.

Joseph backs away from Mary, clutching the wound on his shoulder.

[Joseph] Sweetheart we can work this out.

[Mary] I'm done with you.

[Joseph's final words]

[Joseph] This body is but a conduit, Mary! I'll see you in your nightmares!

Trivia[ | ]

  • This was the most sought after ending from the youtubers particularly the Canadian Youtuber "Hoodie" previously known as "Hoodie Panda."
  • This is the only story that depicts a villain in the game.
  • In the canon gaming, Robert states he dislikes and distrusts Joseph, hinting that Joseph was a darker character than he let on.
  • In Robert's second date in the woods, the Dadsona and Robert will hear an unnatural, guttural howl. Both Robert and Dadsona look around, and from a far off distance spot something that "looks human, but it's dragging something." In the Cult Ending, Joseph mentions that Robert will have a final visit from "The Dover Ghost", meaning Joseph was the "Dover Ghost" Robert was talking about. Dadsona and Robert likely witnessed Joseph disposing one of his victims in the woods.
    • However, in the canon gaming, the identity of the "Dover Ghost" Robert and the Dadsona witnessed remains unknown.
  • The symbol of the cult (a demon's eye/compass/ship-wheel) can be seen in various places throughout the game.
  • The cult symbol is tattooed on Robert's hand. Mentioning it to him gets a negative response, with him calling it "a reminder". It is unknown what this means in the canon gaming.
  • The nature of the cult according to Joseph's dialogue that "there, in the dark of the sea, lies something that has been waiting to return for a hundred million years." and, "showed the path to Jonah, my ancient ancestor, and it has shown the path to me," is nearly identical to various cults in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, specifically The Esoteric Order of Dagon, from The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

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