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How to date a dad[ | ]

After the introduction to Maple Bay and to some of the other dads there, we'll get more acquainted to the people living in the cul de sac at Joseph's BBQ. At some point somebody will mention DadBook and soon, our player character will ask his daughter Amanda for help to set up a profile. Once completed, the player can have a look at the other dads and start dating the ones he does find interesting. Each dad has a certain interest and this always will include one or the other Minigame and awesome, okay and bad dialogue options.

Controls[ | ]

Control Primary Secondary
Horizontal (+) right d
Horizontal (-) left a
Vertical (+) up w
Vertical (-) down s
Pause escape joystick button 7
MainAction space joystick button 0
Fire1 space Left Mouse
Horizontal Joystick 0 axis 0
Vertical Joystick 0 axis 1
Left left joystick button 0
Right right
Up up
Down down
Cancel escape joystick button 1
Submit return space
BackDiag backspace

Paths[ | ]