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This page is for the dialogue for all the scenes with Joseph Christiansen. Depending on how you play his route will determine how his character will be displayed.

Introduced to Joseph[ | ]

A doorbell[ | ]

I get to work unpacking the various boxes around the living room. A couple hours pass and I get some good work done. The washer/dryer unit is both washing and drying and we can actually walk through the living room without tripping over boxes.

[A doorbell is heard in-game]

Avatar: First visitor already?

I walk over to the door and open it.

Joseph: Hello!

A handsome, clean-cut man stands at my door, brandishing a plate of cookies.

Avatar: Hell..o?

Joseph: Oh, where are my manners? My name is Joseph. I'm your next door neighbor.

Avatar: Oh! Yes! Hi! I'm Avatar. That's what my name is.

Joseph: I saw the moving van and thought I'd bring over some cookies. My daughter Christie wanted me to let you know she baked them herself.

Joseph leans in and whispers.

Joseph: But between you and me, she just sprinkled in the chocolate chips.

We both share a laugh. Kids, right?

Amanda: Wow, cookies, huh?

So nice to meet you.

Joseph hands her the plate of cookies with a smile.

Amanda: ...

Amanda: Well, thanks for the cookies!

Amanda disappears with the cookies.

Avatar: Amanda come b- and she's gone.

Avatar: That's my daughter. Her name is Amanda. She's a charmer.

Joseph: Daughters are tough.

Joseph: Sons are also tough.

Joseph: Children in general are just...tough.

Avatar: I hear that. I mean, there'd have to be something wrong with you to try raise more than two.

Joseph: I have four kids.


Avatar: Oh...uh...I meant-

Joseph: Don't worry. You didn't mean to be rude.

Oh no. This is the first neighbor I've met and my social life is already in a tailspin. I wonder if it's too late to move again?

Avatar: Uhhhhh...yeah. Okay.

Joseph: Is the missus around?

Avatar: Mister, actually...and err..

Avatar: No. Not anymore...He died.

Joseph: Oh.

Joseph: Uh...

Joseph: I'm sorry for your loss.

Avatar: No no, it's alright.

Wow, this is uncomfortable. We stand there quietly for a moment, acutely aware of how awkward we both made things.

Joseph: I'm sorry, can you...close the door real quick?

I look at Joseph quizzically but comply. After a second, I hear a knock on the door. Opening it, I see Joseph standing there with a huge smile.

Joseph: Hey, I'm your new neighbor, Joseph! I promise to not talk about your dead spouse this time. I'm throwing a barbecue for the cul-de-sac and I'd love for you to come by and meet the rest of the neighbors in our community. Whadya say, pal?

Avatar: That sound great. My daughter Amanda and I would love to stop by.

Avatar: Also four kids is a perfectly normal amount of children to have.

We shake hands to seal the deal.

Joseph: Well neighbor, I'll see you at 3 p.m sharp on Saturday.

Avatar: Sure thing, neighbor.

Joseph starts walking away, but stops to think for a second and turns around.

Joseph: Hey, in all seriousness, raising a kid on your own can't be easy. If you ever need to... talk about... stuff...I'm the youth minister at a church down the street.

Avatar: Oh. I dunno, I wouldn't really consider myself a "Youth."

Joseph: You look pretty young to me, but suit yourself!

And with that, Joseph's gone.

Amanda: He seemed nice.

Amanda walks back into the living room, crumbs on her face and cookie in hand.

Avatar: That was the smoothest recover I've ever seen. I should be taking notes.

Amanda: See? You're already fitting in great.

Avatar: Where'd those cookies go?

Amanda: They're gone. I'm sorry.

Amanda: If it makes you feel any better, they weren't very good.

Avatar: So you ate all of them anyway?

Amanda: ...

Avatar: I guess that makes it break time.

Amanda: Any ideas?

[The following three dialogue options are part of one dialogue tree. Each one leads to a different scene. It won't appear the ones that were chosen before during the gameplay.]

[Let's get some fresh air]

Avatar: Let's hit that park down the road! I saw a ton of dogs there when we drove past.

Amanda: Okay! Will you help me steal a dog?

Avatar: For the last time, I can't fit a dog into the pockets of my cargo shorts. It's physically impossible.

Amanda: You're breaking my heart, Pops.

- This option leads to a short scene with Amanda, Intro - On the way to the park, and finally leads to Introduced to Brian - At the park -

[I could use some coffee]


[Joseph probably wants his plate back]


Outside his house[1][ | ]


At the barbeque[ | ]


First Date[ | ]


At Joseph's house[ | ]


Inside Joseph's house (Part 1)[ | ]


Inside Joseph's house (Part 2)[ | ]


At the church[ | ]


At your house[ | ]


Second Date[ | ]


Inside the church[ | ]


The Dance[ | ]


In the Magarita Zone[ | ]


Third Date[ | ]


Bayside[ | ]


On the yacht (Part 1)[ | ]


On the yacht (Part 2)[ | ]


On the yacht (Part 3)[ | ]


On the yacht (Part 4)[ | ]


Returning bayside[ | ]


Amanda's Graduation Party[ | ]

Joseph[ | ]


References[ | ]


  1. This will only happen during the daytime scene.