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Dad: Damien

Lucien is the son of Damien. The first time you see him, he is described as a 'low-rent Gerard Way'. Despite being a rebellious teenager, he seems to have a loving relationship with his dad, as seen in dialogue during the first date with Damien and at the player's graduation party for Amanda.

Trivia[ | ]

  • He has a stick and poke tattoo on his wrist of the number 666.
  • In Mat's second date he sells you 'weed', which you later discover is oregano.
  • He tries to re-enact The Cask of Amontillado by building a brick wall around Ernest in the school's basement.
  • He is vegetarian.
  • He is severely allergic to dogs.
  • Lucien is around sixteen years old, as evidenced by a line of dialogue during the first date with Damien regarding Lucien wanting his own car. Excluding Amanda, this makes him the oldest child currently living at the cul-de-sac (and the second-oldest of all of the children, with Val being the oldest).

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