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Spouse: Joseph
Children: Chris
Voice actor: Erin Schmalfeld

Mary is the wife of Joseph and the mother of Chris, Christian, Christie, and Crish.

Mary makes several appearances throughout the game, usually either intoxicated or behaving inappropriately. She appears neglectful towards her children and is outright hostile towards Joseph, at one point telling the avatar he is better at "pretending to be happy" in their marriage than she is.

Mary is friends with Robert and spends most evenings at the bar with him. Despite her penchant for hanging around other men, the avatar can learn from Robert as well as Neil the bartender at Jim and Kim's that Mary does not engage in extramarital affairs. If the avatar has not been on a second date with Joseph, there will be an interlude where they can walk Mary home from the bar. Mary will apologize for her abrasive nature and any hurt feelings as a result.

However, if the avatar does pursue a romance with her husband, Mary will confront them about it at Jim's and Kim's. She will snidely comment that the avatar is "not Joseph's type", alluding to how Joseph had once cheated on her with Robert. This will happen even if the player chooses a different dad for their third date.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the BBQ event in the initial release, she mentioned it was her fifth time to the rodeo, referring to childbirth and parenting. However, she only has 4 children, and as Christian and Christie are fraternal twins, she would have only been through 3 pregnancies that we know of. This suggests she may have had a miscarriage or an abortion in the past. This has since been updated to say fourth time to the rodeo, though whether this is a correction of a mistake or hiding potential dark backstories, we do not yet know. It could also be a reference to her having four children, rather than four pregnancies.
  • She is considerably protective of those she cares about, including Robert and Damien, and the player character in the non-canon cult ending.
  • She is surprisingly friendly with Robert, even though he had an affair with her husband, Joseph.
  • Mary and Joseph's names are puns referring to the Virgin Mary and Joseph; most likely a tongue-in-cheek reference to his job is a youth pastor.
  • She volunteers at the local animal shelter with Damien in her spare time.

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