Mary Christiansen is the wife of Joseph Christiansen in Dream Daddy.

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Mary appears to be a middle-aged woman with collarbone-length pale brown hair, eyes that are an amber/brown combo and she has very defined cheekbones. She wears minimal makeup and sports a cross necklace along with black earrings. She wears a black headband along with a simple outfit of a brown turtleneck sweater and a dark blue/ grey skirt. As we do not see past her knees, we are left to assume how long the skirt is. She is often seen holding a wine glass.

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Mary seems to be a cruel woman at first who seems to prey on younger men that unsuspectingly cross her path. Although her first appearance at the barbecue was rather negative, showing that she is neglectful towards her children, later in the game she is seen joking around with Robert Small.

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Mary is the unhappy wife of Joseph Christiansen and it is unsure if this was caused by the relationship between Robert Small and Joseph or if she was never really happy with him. She seems to stay out of the way of things as she often spends her time in the local bar. She is often grumpy or aggressive towards her husband, often making snide remarks or not really caring, her true personality, however, is seen when she is with Robert or Damien Bloodmarch. She seems to care a lot for the people she is close to, this is often overlooked by fans who think she is just a jerk.

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  • Much like Joseph Christiansen's name, Mary is named after the biblical figure of the Virgin Mary.
  • Mary is often hostile towards the Avatar.
  • Mary is very close to Damien Bloodmarch and Robert Small.
  • Mary recorded the shining over the top of the Veggitales VHS.
  • Even though Mary is unhappy about her marriage, she still gives Joseph pet names.
  • In the non-canon cult ending, Mary is shown to help the Avatar and care for the Avatar's safety.
  • Mary is believed to be older than the Avatar.

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