Mat Sella is one of the seven dateable dads in Dream Daddy.


Mat is first appeared as a tall dark-skinned man with brown dreadlocks. He usually wears a casual and comfy style, often showed to have a navy denim sweater over a purple v-neck and forest green pants.


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  • The name Mat means "Gift of the Lord" in Hebrew.
  • Mat's nomenclature is a reference to the band The Front Bottoms, as confirmed on Vernon Shaw's Twitter. His first name Mat refers to Mat Uychich, the band's drummer, and his last name Sella refers to Brian Sella, the band's frontman and guitarist.
  • Even though Mat has a full set of tattoos on his left arm, his sprite is sometimes flipped horizontally, having them appear to be on his right.
  • In a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Mat plays the class of a bard.[1]


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