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Dad: Robert
Voice actor: Suzy Berhow

Val Small is the 24 year old daughter of Robert and Marilyn. She is a professional photographer situated in New York City. If you take Robert's route, she gives Amanda a business card for photography. When the character sees Val, they immediately see how much she looks like Robert.

Appearance[ | ]

Val has darker skin and high cheekbones, with a mole on her left cheek. She has wavy dark brown hair that is in a fluffy braid and brown eyes, as well. She is seen wearing a magenta shirt that has a few holes in it and a black knee-length trench coat over it. Val also is wearing a black pencil skirt and dark fishnet tights. She wears pointed and triangular gold jewelry (her earrings and necklace), and has a pair of sunglasses.

Val wears minimal makeup, coral lipstick and her nails are painted black, most likely acrylic.

Trivia[ | ]

  • She mentions that she has a girlfriend. She says, "I like your jacket. My girlfriend collects pins too." to Amanda in Robert's ending.
  • Val's humor is similar to that of her father, Robert. In Robert's ending, she playfully threatens you to take care of Robert. Although she tells you she was kidding, she adds an "Or am I?", a line Robert likes to use to mess with others.